Training Wing

We understand the needs of modern organisations to be well prepared for any security eventuality. 


Due to high demand we are now able to offer bespoke training packages through our Training Wing.

Examples of our training packages include but not limited to:

  • Behavioural Detection Operatives

     Training delivered over 5 days, directed to operational         teams deploying on the ground.

  • CCTV Behavioural Detection Operatives

     Training delivered over 4 days, an essential course to           increase the effectiveness of traditional CCTV                     operations, dovetails with operational BDO teams.

  • Behavioural Detection for Supervisors

     Training delivered over 3 days to include essential               tactical considerations when deploying this asset.

  • Behavioural Detection for Senior Staff/Management


     A 1 day session providing an overview of the techniques       and introduction of strategic thinking around the use of         BDO's.



Our Behavioural Detection training packages are tailored to the specific requirements of each client in order to deliver a more effective security force.

We utilise both classroom training and real world deployments to ensure that both theory and practice are well grounded.


We don't walk away after the last session, it is our commitment to continue working with our clients to ensure that the Behavioural Detection Operatives are well embedded with their new skills.

We believe that to be able to instruct someone you must also be a regular practitioner of the technique, that is why our instructors also deploy as Behavioural Detection Operatives.


To discuss your requirements kindly contact us through the website or telephone +44 7976 617375