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CCTV based Behavioural Detection

Getting more bang for your buck in your security setup makes good financial sense, increasing the capabilities of your security force at the same time is a win - win.

Conventional security setups ordinarily include cctv, whether this is at residential or event based venues, utilising its powerful reach is a key factor in securing any site.

Maximising cctv coverage with a responsive ground unit exploits the technology to its max when that ground unit is trained in behavioural detection techniques; the reach of the cameras and the skills of behavioural detection marry together to form a very effective team.

How do you improve both cctv usage and behavioural detection?

The answer is to combine elements of behavioural detection with enhanced use of cctv coverage.

The usual deployment for BDOs is to control a space through their presence, spotting suspicious behaviour and challenging it at the earliest opportunity, although what they can’t see they can’t deal with.

Good cctv systems provide wide ranging cover of an area but lack focus, the combination of the two is a good fit to increase capabilities all round.

We have worked with several high profile control rooms in both public and private arenas to improve their ability to spot emerging trouble through the use of behavioural detection techniques. Combine this with a new tactical approach to setting up cctv coverage and the end result is a much sharper focus for cctv operators and improved security on the ground.

We have also found that providing these skills to the cctv operators not only increases their effectiveness but the very nature of behavioural detection (as a proactive security tool) improves their job enjoyment. Any employee who has higher job satisfaction sees an improvement in job performance, a sometimes overlooked benefit in today’s fiscally tight environment.

Having a proactive team within the cctv unit ensures that the natural benefits of cctv (wide ranging coverage of a site) is fully exploited and potential security incidents are identified earlier. The behavioural ground team can then be easily vectored into the incident and remote coverage maintained, ensuring that attempts to distract security with minor incidents are ineffective.

We have developed a bespoke course for cctv operators which takes a different track to others, we strongly believe that in order to integrate the cctv and ground teams, they must fully understand each others role, we have included elements of each specific role in the training packages for both specialists. This ensures that the teams are operating on the same wavelength, understand the issues involved and the limitations of each unit. It is of no use to an organisation to have teams who have had differing levels of training trying to operate in a dynamic environment. Continuity training within each discipline should include elements of each of the teams as an effective way of maintaining the skill levels and the interoperability of the whole security apparatus.

Peter Jupp


BDO Security Ltd

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