Safety through intelligent security


Securing events is a complex undertaking, traditional elements of protection are essential but lack the flexibility to adapt to fast changing threats.


Behavioural Detection fills that gap by providing an extra layer of security. We are a team of highly experienced covert operatives, recruited from specialist departments of law enforcement agencies and military units.


We are well placed to offer a bespoke service that interfaces with existing residential security plans, whilst adding cutting edge detection techniques.


Our advantage? Recruiting solutions oriented operatives with the latest knowledge and skills, working as a close knit unit.


We consult with event security coordinators to ensure our services are specifically tailored to each event, including but not limited to:


Customer and employee safety

Ticket abuse

Asset protection

Physical threats

Reputational damage

Player safety

Security threats

Vulnerable persons safeguarding

Bespoke training packages


We are trained to the highest standards by the official UK government provider to determine hostile intent through Behavioural Detection. We specialise in using this technique for large scale events and our teams are compatible with all law enforcement units.

Please contact us to learn about our unique skills, experience and references to make your event safer and more successful.